Competitive Memberships

To register with the Ontario Rope Skipping Organization, please complete the registration file and submit as required.  All members submitted must also have a signed waiver form submitted with registration.

The fee is $20.00 to become a full ORSO member which all competitive athletes and coaches must be. All judges and volunteers should be registered as such at a cost of $5.00 per member.

All ORSO members must have a signed waiver/release form prior to the first event they attend.

Waiver/Release Form

Recreational Memberships

To register as a recreational member, please follow the registration process above.  Recreational members cannot participate in any competitions. The fee for a recreational membership is $10.00 per member and should be submitted as soon as possible after your program starts.  Follow the same process as for competitive members.

Recreational members will be covered by ORSO insurance (as of November 2016 it is no longer necessary to register your recreational members with Rope Skipping Canada).

An insurance certificate for your recreational program gym rentals may be obtained through ORSO.

Note: It is up to the clubs to ensure all recreational members have a club Waiver/Release Form signed and submitted.  Each club should keep the recreational waiver/release forms.